Automate your birthday wishes


Personalized birthday wishes are a happy and friendly way to brand your clinic. Read how to do this efficiently and almost without any effort.

Mailchimp 📨 & more…


After all the intense work in the past weeks preparing for the GDPR, we now bring you more exciting new updates. We often describe in our updates and articles that marketing is essential for all clinics, large and smaller. Making it easy to send bulk mail campaigns to your clients was one of our primary goals in the past few weeks. Therefore, we're pleased to announce that from now we support a MailChimp connector in Clinicminds.

Preparing for GDPR with Clinicminds


On May 25, 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will get into effect in the European Union. As clinic owner, you should prepare your business for these new regulations. This blog post provides recommendations for using Clinicminds in compliance with the GDPR.

Why save the best for last?


One of the things that surprise me the most in the aesthetic world is the sense for automation and the huge opportunity entrepreneurs and doctors are missing. So here is the thing I don’t get. We all know that client data is super important and valuable and still weseem to manage our data with excel or old fashion systems that are cumbersome to use.

Inform your patients before their appointment


We are happy to write about our spring update of Clinicminds. We are continually improving our application and made several behind the scene enhancements. Additionally, we crushed some bugs as well during the process. But most often we add new features like we did this time as well: sending informed consent forms before the appointment and the option to edit the order of the online services.

Staying on top of legal, supplemental patient ID check


After a Dutch disciplinary judge ruled against a cosmetic physician because he was missing a logged ID check in a patient's record, we developed a feature to double check the ID and indicate in your patient’s file if the ID has been verified.

New date picker online calendar


Design for and usability on mobile devices is very important nowadays. That's why we have redesigned the classic date picker of our recently launched online booking tool.