Clinicminds Spring Cleaning Update 5.3 is here


We just released Version 5.3 with new features, improvements, and bug fixes to enhance user experience and streamline clinic operations. Here are some of the highlights of the recent updates.

Unlocking the Potential of Biostimulation


This year’s theme was “Age with Grace: Biostimulation Solutions for Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine.” The congress provided an excellent opportunity to exchange knowledge among experts in medical aesthetics and anti-aging medicine.

Release update 5.2 – Power features and QMS


we are thrilled to announce the launch of several new features and enhancements for Clinicminds. Our new quality management system makes it easier than ever to manage your clinic’s protocols and documents.

5 reasons to use patient segmentation for email newsletters


Patient segmentation is a powerful tool for private healthcare marketers to deliver targeted and personalized communications to their audience. By dividing patients into distinct groups based on demographic, behavioral, or psychographic characteristics, healthcare providers can create more effective email newsletters that resonate with their patients.

Retention Analysis: The Key to Improved Clinic Performance in the New Year


Starting the year off with a retention analysis is vital for a clinic because it allows the clinic to understand its current state of patients that did not visit the clinic for an x amount of time which eventually can lead to “lost” customers. By analyzing the clinic’s retention, the clinic can determine which areas are performing well and which areas may need improvement.

Elevate Your Payment Experience with Clinicminds and Klarna


We are happy to inform you that we included Klarna as a payment option in Clinicminds. Klarna is a company that offers financial services, including payment solutions for online stores. Klarna provides several ways to pay for online purchases, such as paying in installments or deferring payment. Klarna can also be used to make online purchases using a virtual credit card.

Introducing Online Gift Cards


Shopping online just got easier with our beautiful new gift card feature. Now you can sell Clinic gift cards online, directly from your website or social media channels. With this new feature, Clinicminds now supports in-store (clinic) and online sales of Gift Cards.

4 Ways to Improve Your Private Clinic’s Performance In Any Economic Climate


The global economy is in a state of flux. There are many predictions about the future, and most of them aren’t looking too good. The one thing that we can be sure of is that there will be a lot of changes over the next few years—and not all for the better. So how can you ensure that your private clinic survives and thrives in this environment?

Latest update of impressive series


After introducing many new and improved features, we're here to inform you about the latest improvements in Clinicminds. We're thankful to read all the positive reactions to the latest updates and are happy to bring you even more!

New improvements and features


Our latest version of Clinicminds has been accepted with great enthusiasm. We thank our users for their warm feedback. We're following up on our previous posts and are happy to bring you more improvements and new features.