Has my password been compromised?


Especially In the private medical branch like aesthetic medicine, it’s important to keep your data secure. When you’re handling sensitive data such as electronic patient files on a daily basis, security is of the utmost importance.

Easter 2019 improvements


It’s almost Easter, and the bunnies are starting to jump! We are excited to announce the new features and enhancements we are introducing this Easter weekend.

Inform your patient’s GP with Clinicminds


Registration and legislation regarding cosmetic treatments are becoming more and more comprehensive.A growing number of inspectorates compel clinics that perform surgery to provide patients with a postoperative GP letter. This letter describes the procedure and postoperative results. To this end, we introduce our GP letter!

Tax functionality improvement


Introducing our newest update. Clinicminds now supports tax rates from all over the world. This has been a popular request from many of our supporters abroad, and a rather complex one to implement. But we’re glad we can provide you with this new and unique functionality now!

The ‘Minds’ in Clinicminds have grown autonomous


The 'Minds' in Clinicminds have started to grow autonomous. At a rapid pace we're starting to see stages of childhood and even adolescence in the deep-mind subroot of our app. It's even started referring to it's developers as 'dada' – A frightful new development.

You’re wasting 20 minutes of your time every consultation!


Clinicminds can do so much to improve your day to day work-life. Saving you time, effort and money by automating processes that would normally take you a good chunk of time every consultation. From online scheduling to text-templates inside your case-history. Every facet of Clinicminds has been thought through to promote efficiency and a professional workflow.

Send digital brochures


We have been continuously in touch with our customers and prospects. Along the way, we acknowledged that there’s a need for sending (clinic) brochures or even manufacturer product brochures to patients.

New: Risk Assessment


Thank you for your continued trust and support. We hope this new feature will make your future work with us even safer and more feature-rich. Stay tuned because it’s the giving season, and we still have some surprises ready for you, ho ho ho!

3 ways to GROW your clinic


We’re back with another blog! This time we’re focusing on clinic growth. Other terms you might have heard are upscaling or expansion. Honestly, those words are a bit misleading sometimes, let me explain!