Introducing Quality Management Feature in Clinicminds


The driving goal of businesses today is to increase the efficiency of the workplace and the quality of the service provided. A system on a whole is as effective as its least effective part, so it is important to boost every segment of a clinic and develop protocols that will help with raising the standards of quality.

The top 3 benefits of home signing


As of now, all clinics that run the Clinicminds management software can have the option to let their patients sign all consent forms from the comfort of their homes, in the waiting room via their phone, or in the consultation room right after their conversation with the medical expert.

Spring 2022 update 🙌


Even though it seemed quiet, we've been quite busy with a lot of under the hood development and preparations for future new features. We will publish more information about these new features as soon as they will be available. This update brings several new features and.....

10 tips to boost the share of online bookings over 50%


Ten best tips to grow online bookings from an average of 20% to over 50% of total bookings. Having online booking availability on your website is essential these days. But driving visitors to click the online booking button and continuing to book an appointment is a process that can be improved to push up the percentage of online bookings.

Top 5 misconceptions in clinic management


Managing a clinic is by no means a simple or easy task, so it is only natural that people tend to follow some rules-of-thumb that they've heard or see others adhere to. Concealed among them, though, lie some of the business' greatest misconceptions that you can easily fall prey to and harm the efficiency and improvement rate of your clinic.

The Importance of Proper Medical Registration


Certain occurrences do not come to the mind of a medical practitioner who is focused mainly on the task at hand. However, missing out on important non-medical aspects of the treatment process, such as proper medical registration, can end up having dire consequences.

Happy Holidays Update 4.14


It’s that time of the year. Everyone is handing out gifts, so we thought, let’s build two nice to have great features that will smile at you. We hope you enjoyed Clinicminds in 2021. On behalf of our team, thank you for your trust and collaboration.