Clinics are going digital?


A staggering number of clinics only list a phone number for their contact information, yet many people loathe phone calls, especially pertaining to private topics. Making and receiving phone calls demands one’s full attention, interrupts what they’re doing, and takes far longer than a text or email!

Four pieces of advice for doctors working from home


As discouraging as a sudden wave of cancellations might be. This is a great time to start looking at your clinic. What processes can you improve? What protocols need an update? Is your bookkeeping in order? And maybe finally sit down to install that Clinic Software!

Working from a tablet is more relevant than ever


I can remember the time that doctors working from a tablet was a sci-fi fantasy you would see in movies like Alien. Futuristic looking tablets that carried whole information systems from the convenience of your palm. Today most common households have at least one tablet, be that used to track the weekly groceries, or in the five year old’s grubby orange juice covered hands.

Online scheduler


Hey again, and welcome to another blog. I’m Daniel, one of the Clinicminds experts, and today I’d like to take you through one of our most underrated features. To this day there’s still a taboo among practitioners about using an online scheduler.

You’re wasting 20 minutes of your time every consultation!


Clinicminds can do so much to improve your day to day work-life. Saving you time, effort and money by automating processes that would normally take you a good chunk of time every consultation. From online scheduling to text-templates inside your case-history. Every facet of Clinicminds has been thought through to promote efficiency and a professional workflow.

3 ways to GROW your clinic


We’re back with another blog! This time we’re focusing on clinic growth. Other terms you might have heard are upscaling or expansion. Honestly, those words are a bit misleading sometimes, let me explain!

Automate your birthday wishes


Personalized birthday wishes are a happy and friendly way to brand your clinic. Read how to do this efficiently and almost without any effort.