Online Deposit – Why Should You Consider It?


Hesitant to introduce deposits to your clinic? For some it seems as if it will turn away the patients; for others, the whole process seems to be too much of an administrative burden. However, with online deposits, neither of these are true.

Top 10 tips for successful video consultations


During COVID-19 many aesthetic physicians and clinics suddenly lost contact with their prospects and patients due to the lockdown and closure of the clinics. All around the world, in most industries, people started or increased the usage of video calling. Even though this has never been widely implemented in aesthetic clinics, this situation literally pushed video calling fast forward into aesthetic clinics. During the lockdown, this was the only effective way to stay or get in contact with prospects and patients, preparing them for the post-lockdown period.

Clinics are going digital?


A staggering number of clinics only list a phone number for their contact information, yet many people loathe phone calls, especially pertaining to private topics. Making and receiving phone calls demands one’s full attention, interrupts what they’re doing, and takes far longer than a text or email!

Spring 2020 update


We're excited to announce some requested features we released today, including a major upgrade to the online scheduler!

Video consultation is here!


Video consultation is now available in Clinicminds. Start consulting your patients online. Fast, easy and convenient! Read more...