Spring 2022 update 🙌


Even though it seemed quiet, we've been quite busy with a lot of under the hood development and preparations for future new features. We will publish more information about these new features as soon as they will be available. This update brings several new features and.....

Happy Holidays Update 4.14


It’s that time of the year. Everyone is handing out gifts, so we thought, let’s build two nice to have great features that will smile at you. We hope you enjoyed Clinicminds in 2021. On behalf of our team, thank you for your trust and collaboration.

Autumn Update 4.13 – October 2021


An integrated waiting list is a major step towards a fully streamlined and automated clinic. Successfully implementing an integrated waiting list improves your clinic as a whole without having any potential drawbacks.

Summer 2021 version update 4.12


As the world is slowly coming out of the impactful pandemic, clinics have reopened and are finally welcoming patients. Now, more than ever, it's important to manage your clinic as efficiently as possible and prevent wasting time. With the last three large releases, we introduced online deposits and payments as well as direct deposits during scheduling. Today we released version 2.14, another great update bringing some valuable new features and enhancements.

Spring Update 4.11 – April 2021


With the last two large releases, we introduced online deposits and payments in two stages. Today we bring the final step of online deposits and payments: The desired direct deposits. But that’s not all. We released some other new great features and improvements.

Online deposits are here!


Online deposits are here! Charging deposits with online bookings is now as easy as can be. Fully integrated in the Clinicminds online booking widget and calendar.

December update part 1


We released new features and enhancements that we like to share with you. These updates mainly improve the system that communicates with GP's ad pharmacies. We also made some improvements to reports and administration.

Video consultations in challenging times and beyond


We will be rolling out a new feature called ‘Video consultation’. The feature, which builds a one-on-one video conferencing software directly into Clinicminds itself, is an addition that replicates B2B (business-to-business) video conferencing solutions. In light of the current Corona crisis, but also to support future endeavors in an increasingly digital world.