Clinicminds Unveils Exciting New Features in Latest Update!


Prepare for exciting news! We are thrilled to share our latest update, which is a significant enhancement. It's like providing your clinic with a major, modern upgrade. Let's take a look at what's new and discuss why you should be very excited about these changes.

Clinicminds Release 5.4: Better, Faster, Stronger


In our relentless pursuit of enhancing user experience, we're thrilled to introduce Clinicminds Release 5.4. This comprehensive update brings significant improvements to your planning, record management, patient interaction, messaging, gift card functionalities, and user interface. Dive in to discover how we've made our software better, faster, and stronger for your clinic management needs.

Clinicminds Spring Cleaning Update 5.3 is here


We just released Version 5.3 with new features, improvements, and bug fixes to enhance user experience and streamline clinic operations. Here are some of the highlights of the recent updates.

Release update 5.2 – Power features and QMS


we are thrilled to announce the launch of several new features and enhancements for Clinicminds. Our new quality management system makes it easier than ever to manage your clinic’s protocols and documents.

Latest update of impressive series


After introducing many new and improved features, we're here to inform you about the latest improvements in Clinicminds. We're thankful to read all the positive reactions to the latest updates and are happy to bring you even more!

New improvements and features


Our latest version of Clinicminds has been accepted with great enthusiasm. We thank our users for their warm feedback. We're following up on our previous posts and are happy to bring you more improvements and new features.

Release 5.0 is out now!


We’re excited to announce that one of our most significant updates of the last couple of years has just been released. A big shout-out to the complete team for this huge accomplishment. Clinicminds app has undergone a complete overhaul or, even better said, a total metamorphosis! We redesigned the app and nearly every screen to provide an up-to-date and seamless working experience. But redesigning is not the only thing we did.

Spring 2022 update 🙌


Even though it seemed quiet, we've been quite busy with a lot of under the hood development and preparations for future new features. We will publish more information about these new features as soon as they will be available. This update brings several new features and.....