Video consultations in challenging times and beyond


We will be rolling out a new feature called ‘Video consultation’. The feature, which builds a one-on-one video conferencing software directly into Clinicminds itself, is an addition that replicates B2B (business-to-business) video conferencing solutions. In light of the current Corona crisis, but also to support future endeavors in an increasingly digital world.

The ‘Minds’ in Clinicminds have grown autonomous


The 'Minds' in Clinicminds have started to grow autonomous. At a rapid pace we're starting to see stages of childhood and even adolescence in the deep-mind subroot of our app. It's even started referring to it's developers as 'dada' – A frightful new development.

New: Risk Assessment


Thank you for your continued trust and support. We hope this new feature will make your future work with us even safer and more feature-rich. Stay tuned because it’s the giving season, and we still have some surprises ready for you, ho ho ho!

New: Zapier integration


You asked and we delivered. Going towards 2019 one of the most powerful ways to connect to the world is through services like Zapier. Zapier moves information between web apps, allowing you to connect your Clinicminds account to a great number of web apps across the globe.

Fall 2018 update


We hope we didn’t leave you waiting too long, as we decided to...

New features and enhancements in June update 2018


It’s been a busy spring here at Clinicminds. Besides developing new features our focus is always on constantly listening to your feedback and improving our application. We have summed up some of our major updates and new features below.