Spring 2020 update


We're excited to announce some requested features we released today, including a major upgrade to the online scheduler!

Video consultation is here!


Video consultation is now available in Clinicminds. Start consulting your patients online. Fast, easy and convenient! Read more...

Video consultations in challenging times and beyond


We will be rolling out a new feature called ‘Video consultation’. The feature, which builds a one-on-one video conferencing software directly into Clinicminds itself, is an addition that replicates B2B (business-to-business) video conferencing solutions. In light of the current Corona crisis, but also to support future endeavors in an increasingly digital world.

Four pieces of advice for doctors working from home


As discouraging as a sudden wave of cancellations might be. This is a great time to start looking at your clinic. What processes can you improve? What protocols need an update? Is your bookkeeping in order? And maybe finally sit down to install that Clinic Software!

Working from a tablet is more relevant than ever


I can remember the time that doctors working from a tablet was a sci-fi fantasy you would see in movies like Alien. Futuristic looking tablets that carried whole information systems from the convenience of your palm. Today most common households have at least one tablet, be that used to track the weekly groceries, or in the five year old’s grubby orange juice covered hands.

Online scheduler


Hey again, and welcome to another blog. I’m Daniel, one of the Clinicminds experts, and today I’d like to take you through one of our most underrated features. To this day there’s still a taboo among practitioners about using an online scheduler.

September Product Update


We're excited to present you with another product update! This one focuses on some quality of life improvements that we've been wanting to add for a while.

Has my password been compromised?


Especially In the private medical branch like aesthetic medicine, it’s important to keep your data secure. When you’re handling sensitive data such as electronic patient files on a daily basis, security is of the utmost importance.