Lost Customers Learnings


If we already know that a loyal customer is the most profitable customer and that a referred customer provides our best return on marketing—then lost customers certainly have more value than stone cold prospects.

New features update


It took a lot of intense teamwork to develop and add these new features in a logical and natural way. We’re convinced that Clinicminds is now able to support even more clinics and their work methods.

Client Characteristics Learnings


Understanding your customers–their similarities, their differences–is one of the most fundamental and important steps in quantifying the customer’s relationship with your product and company. Not only does it tell you how to better serve current customer demographics,

Profile Customers Learnings


Understanding your customers is the secret of successful selling. Existing customers are important sources of information. The more you know about them, the easier it can be to increase their spending. And you can also use the information you gather to help you find new customers.

Remind and Retain Learnings


The promotional activities of a clinic continue long after customer acquisition. Using communications tactics that are effective in reminding current customers why they should continue purchasing a brand’s products is just as important as promoting to potential customers.

Time Saving Learnings


Record keeping and treatment registration is time consuming, especially when it is performed the ‘classic’ way using paper records. First you’ll need to look up all the records for your working day. Next, mark down the info as well as providing your patient with information regarding the treatment is a hassle.

Correspondence Learnings


Communicating with your clients is essential, especially these days where electronic communication is widely available. But corresponding with multiple clients each day is very much time consuming and also prone for mistakes.

Cancellations and No Shows Learnings


Your diary service is scheduling appointments every day. Unfortunately every clinic encounters appointment cancellations and even no shows (DNAs). So why is it important to track these?